About me

Hey there? My name is Elizabeth Bradford, owner and creator of elizabethbradfordphotography.com.  Photography has always been a talent I have had ever since I was little. The first impressive gift I ever got was a camera when I turned 16 and it was then I knew that photography was an art I wanted to explore.  I have spent majority of my life since then pursuing photography and other forms of design. I can truly say that this is my passion, talent and calling.

Goals our goal is to inspire you the reader to pursue your love for photography. The website is aimed at helping new photographers learn the skill of photography and make better choices when it comes to the equipment and style. Photography is an art that takes more than just a click. Just like all forms of art, you need to learn and study this art so you can perform your very best.

Our team

The team is made up some of the greatest artist in the field of photography. We work with professional photographers that have done landscapes, wedding, freelance and more plus writers, editors and publishers to present to you accurate and valid content on photography.  The writers and editors on this team have worked for multiple photography magazines and worked with some of the best artist.

We also work with a number of technicians and mechanics with vast knowledge in digital camera and other technical knowledge used in photography.

Editorial guidelines

We value your trust as the reader, which is why we work twice as hard to ensure the content published on elizabethbradfordphotography.com is accurate and truthful. Before any papers are published, we get accurate opinions from the whole team.

Your opinions are highly valued at elizabethbradfordphotography.com, we encourage you to send an email or comment when you have questions or any additions to the content.