Common Myths about photographers and photography

Just like many of their professions, there are multiple myths that surround photography. People follow so many rules and statement without question. Some of them seem so believable that they fooled us all at some point.

Below are some common photography/photographer myths

Photography is easy – being a photographer is a piece of cake

Technically, taking a picture is an easy task, but in reality, being a photographer is super hard.  Absolutely anyone can press the shutter button on a camera or phone to capture an image but not all can capture an appeasing image.

You require plenty of dedication, skill and experience to take good pictures. Starting a photography business is just as hard. You can’t just make a living by taking a few images over a couple of days. You have to put in all the work, including some marketing efforts and managing skills.

Good photos need expensive gear

This is absolutely wrong. You do not need all the latest and most expensive gear to take great images. Some of the best photography work was not taken recently, which mean the photographer relied more on skill than the camera. While the professional and expensive gear provides consistency and flexibility, it all comes down to your skills and knowledge.  Before you spend so much on a fancy new camera and new lenses, make sure you are a pro at using your current gear.

Your portfolio needs to be huge

You cannot deny that at one point, you were tempted to upload hundred of images daily so more people can see what you do. This is not a good move. when showcasing your photography, put quality over the quantity. Upload only the best of your work and style on your website and social media. Remember, no one want to scroll over dozens of similar portraits.

Do not shoot in bad lighting

As a photographer, I can proudly say that there is no such thing as bad lighting. In fact, all lighting is the good kind of lighting. Lighting allows you to bring out the mood of the picture. Sunny lighting gives out a golden feel while artificial lighting is white. Lighting conditions are not a limitation rather they can enhance your photograph skills.

You always have to keep the horizontal level

At this point, you should know that keeping the horizontal line is not always the case. Remember, photography is an art that comes out best when you express yourself wholly. Try taking pictures at different angles to evaluate an improve your photography skills.

You cannot shoot without a tripod

This is one of the biggest lies in photography. You do not need a tripod for all photo-shoots. In fact, shooting hand free helps you explore and improve your photography skills. Take the time to be creative and shoot the subject from different points of view.

Creative arts need exotic locations to figure this out

I am sure you have heard and seen these narratives too many times before, especially in movies. Well the truth is, you do not need an exotic location to figure things out. Finding a location that makes you more peaceful and helps you think about your creativity and skill is enough.