Photos to Canvas; How to Get the Best Portrait

People love taking photos, which then helps them preserve the memory of a particular event, we can, therefore, say that people don’t take photos, but rather they capture memories and the best moments of their lives. The images are then preserved in various ways and some would keep them in their personal computers, others will store them in memory cards and some would print them out on canvas.

However, not all photos are canvas print quality, so if you want to transfer the images on your phone to canvas then you have to use a high-resolution camera or a phone with a good camera that can achieve the relevant resolution.

How to take the best photos for canvas printing

Use pattern and repetition

If you want your canvas print photos to steal the show when visitors get into your house, then try using pattern and repetition in the photographs that you take. So while you might not be able to achieve this effect when taking photos of the surrounding environment, you will have to create this if you were to take the image of a person.

In essence, therefore, is that repetition of an item, color, or element will result in a pattern and patterns in a photo will work to attract the eye to a photograph. Patterns in photography are achieved by combining different visual elements and designs meaning that you can take canvas photographs that have utilized varied colors and shapes.

Use of scale and movement

Aerial photography can also work well for the canvas prints, and this is all about creating a sense of movement so that the images that you capture look a lot like reality. Capturing the above types of images is not exactly easy but there are techniques that can be employed to achieve a sense of scale in the photographs. You will, therefore, try to capture images of people involved in an activity, so the connection between the person and the environment will come out as natural.

You can also try out with the natural environmental agents to achieve movement in the photos that you take.

Use Silhouettes

You can also use silhouettes to come up with a combination of mystery, drama, and excitement all in one image. So when you photograph silhouettes use a subject that has a recognizable outline, if you are to take a canvas photograph of a person ensure that their arms are not lying on their bodies, and their legs are a bit spread out, overlapping will also not work well for the silhouette photos.

Use the leading lines

In photography leading lines help create depth and perspective, in which case you will have to position a strong line that is leading from the foreground to the background. In essence, is that you will be creating a visual journey from one point of the image that you have captured to another. Your subject should, therefore, be situated where the images converge so that it can capture the attention of the viewer.

Take advantage of the negative and positive spaces

Negative space in an image is the space around and between the subjects and they can be more eye-catching when they form an interesting but relevant shape.